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About Homeopathy

The word ‘Homoeopathy’ is derived from two Greek words, Homois meaning similar and pathos meaning suffering. Homeopathy simply means treating diseases with remedies, prescribed in minute doses, which are capable of producing symptoms similar to the disease when taken by healthy people. It is based on the natural law of healing- “Similia Similibus Curantur” which means “likes are cured by likes”.

It was given a scientific basis by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann ( 1755-1843) in the early 19th century. It has been serving suffering humanity for over two centuries and has withstood the upheavals of time and has emerged as a time tested therapy, for the scientific principles propounded by Hahnemann are natural and well proven and continue to be followed with success even today. Its strength lies in its evident effectiveness as it takes a holistic approach towards the sick individual through the promotion of inner balance at mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels.

Homeopathy today is a rapidly growing system and is being practiced almost all over the world. In India, it has become a household name due to the safety of its pills and the gentleness of its cure. A rough study states that about 10% of the Indian population solely depends on Homoeopathy for their Health care needs and is considered as the second most popular system of medicine in the Country.

In a way, it is an advanced form of vaccination; whereby a substance that is capable of producing a disease like a state is administered to the patient, but in a very minute dose, to cure a similar disease.

Homeopathy works much beyond vaccination. Here, the dose administered is unbelievably minuscule, which renders if absolutely harmless yet very powerful. Contrary to conventional medicine, the action of homeopathy is much safer, deeper acting, somewhat slower, and results much longer lasting by energizing the body’s curative powers.

Homeopathy is amongst the youngest and latest medicines calling for more research and promotion.

Homeopathy has a long-standing record of success in the treatment of epidemic conditions, and recent experiences in Brazil and India strongly point to the usefulness of homeopathy in the treatment and prevention of diseases like Dengue. The treatment is holistic and individualized and the selection of homeopathic medicines depends on individual response to infection, the severity of the disease, and clinical presentation of the case.

There are theories on how exactly homeopathic medicine works. As supported in major clinical trials and in practice, it is believed to be working by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms. For example, in the case of diseases that are caused by infection, it seems to be working by stimulating the production of antibodies, defense blood cells, etc.

In cases of immune diseases, it seems to be working by correcting the immune mechanism.

In case of painful conditions, by activating the body’s anti-pain mechanisms.
Similarly, its action must be on the lines of being antispasmodic, anti-allergic, immuno-modulatory, anti-inflammatory, hormone stimulatory, anti-carcinogenic, etc. Large scale studies alone will allow a full exploration of this young science.

Interestingly, the homeopathic medicines are also prepared in such a sophisticated way that rather than using harsh chemicals for treating humans, homeopathy uses attenuated and ‘potentized’ medicine substances which are in the form of nano-particles, which have been found to be effective in treating the diseases at a much deeper level. And, needless to say, the homeopathic medicines are absolutely safe and free from adverse effects. They are safe for even new-born babies as well as during pregnancy, and for elderly patients.

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Homeopathy helps to cope : 

  • You are unique and Homeopaths know it
  • Homeopathy for all stages of life
  • Living pain-free with Homeopathy
  • Homeopathy holistic medicine
  • Homeopathy relieves pain
  • Homeopathy safe medicine
  • Homeopathy for health
  • Homeopathy for all ages, conditions, Seasons, and Diseases
  • Homeopathy healing the whole person
  • Homeopathy is an Art and Science
  • Homeopathy uses minimal dose
  • Small doses of homeopathy are used for preventing COVID-19.

Benefits of Homeopathy:- 

  1. Safe to be used by Adults, Children, Infants, Pregnant Woman and Pets
  2. It is a natural medicine system
  3. Remedies are inexpensive
  4. It does not interfere with other Medications
  5. Many researchers have proved the effectiveness of Homeopathy
  6. It can be used for chronic or acute conditions
  7. It is non-invasive
  8. It cures diseases of its roots
  9. Treats the patients according to symptoms
  10. The aim is to strengthen the body so it can resist harmful organisms
  11. It is a natural medicine system
  12. No side effects with homeopathy medicines
  13. It uses natural substances in minute doses
  14. It is holistic – It treats the whole patient
  15. It does away with unnecessary Surgeries
  16. No bitter pills or painful injections
  17. It ensures long term benefits
  18. Its regular use improves the body’s resistance and immunity and in the long run, the individual turns healthier
  19. Pills do not contain any added colors, added flavors, or Steroids
  20. It covers all of your problems simultaneously
  21. It cures a disease, rather than merely suppressing its symptoms
  22. It’s not addictive
  23. Homeopathy dispels FEAR 

Myths and facts about Homeopathy

Myth #1: Homeopathy is simply herbal medicine.

Fact: Not really. Homeopathy is much more than herbal medicine. It has medicines sourced from herbs, minerals, chemicals, animal products, organisms, etc. And, very importantly, it is backed by a sophisticated method of medicine preparation, sound scientific principles, and deep philosophy.

Myth #2: Homeopathy cures all diseases.

Fact: No system of medicine can cure all diseases.

Myth #3: Homeopathy is a placebo therapy.

Fact: Homeopathy is a proven therapy, used successfully for the last 200 years in over 170 countries; supported by scientific studies. It shows once ignorance if one believes that homeopathy is a placebo.

Myth #4: Homeopathy increases the disease before curing.

Fact: Not really. Only some disease such as eczema might worsen, that too in less than 5% of cases if medicines are not professionally prescribed. The whole idea of an increase in disease before the cure is exaggerated.

Myth #5: Homeopathic medicines contain steroids or cortisone!

Fact: It is absurd to even think that homeopathy may contain cortisone.

Myth #6: Homeopathy is very slow.

Fact: Homeopathy is a little slower than conventional medicines; but not very slow. Since it deals with chronic and difficult diseases, the course of treatment may seem slow and long.

Myth #7: Homeopathic medicines cannot be taken with the conventional (allopathic) medicines.

Fact: Conventional medicines and homeopathic medicines can safely be taken together, with advantage, without any harm.

Myth #8: Homeopathy is very fast!

Fact: It is not even very fast. It all depends on the nature of the disease that is under treatment.

Myth #9: Homeopathy cures all diseases:

Fact: Not always, to be honest. Homeopathy gives lasting results for sure. The word is theoretical, which cannot be promised for, in difficult diseases.

Myth #10: Coffee and onion cannot be taken during homeopathic treatment.

Fact: Can be taken, keeping a gap of about half an hour.

Myth #11: Homeopathy can cure cancer, mental retardation, heart blocks, baldness (MPB), all surgical diseases, cataract, hernia, hydrocele, etc. 

Fact: Not true.

Myth #12: Investigations such as x-ray, blood test, MRI, etc. are not required for homeopathic treatment. 

Fact: All sorts of investigations are required and useful for better and effective homeopathic treatment.

Myth #13: Diagnosis is not required for homeopathic treatment.

Fact: Diagnosis helps to make better prescription of homeopathic medicines.

Myth #14: Homeopathic medicines are prescribed only on the mental symptoms of the patient. 

Fact: Not correct. The study of disease, diagnosis, and mental attributes are studied in homeopathy.
Myth #15: Vitamins, iron-tonic, etc. should not be taken during homeopathic treatment. 

Fact: Can be taken. Tonics and supplements are part of the homeopathic treatment!

Myth #16: Homeopathy is against surgery.

Fact: Not really. Surgery is a part of homeopathy. Interestingly, some of the surgical diseases (life piles, fissure, tonsillitis, etc.) can be cured without surgery.