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New Year Resolutions 2018

                                                  MY   HEALTH   RESOLUTION   OF   2018

Most New Year resolutions of 2018involve improving your health or happiness. One key to achieving your resolutions is picking specific, realistically achievable, and measurable goals. But beyond those basics, what should you do differently? After all, just “living healthier” feels overwhelming.

You don’t need fad diets, supplements, fancy workouts, or lots of time or money to improve your health. Instead, focus on twelve specific rules mentioned below. A new year and a fresh start is the perfect time to start.


  1. I will Start Morning Walk daily. Begin with a Kilometer and then gradually increase up to 5 kilometers over a period of time.

         Benefits – Circulation of blood will increase in the heart resulting in minimum heart-related problems.

  1. I will reduce at least one spoon of sugar from my daily routine every day.

          Benefits – Weight will be under control and sickness related to weight will reduced

  1. I will reduce salt intake ( half quantity ) from my food.

          Benefits – Possibilities of High BP will be reduced.

  1. I will have Curd daily and a glass of milk before sleeping at night.

          Benefits – Calcium intake will increase which will make my bones stronger so that I will have the least problems in old age.

  1. Daily morning I will have a glass of water in copper glass.

          Benefits – All problems related to stomach ( Indigestion )  will go away.

  1. Thrice a week I will have pulses like urad, Chana, Mung, Sprouts, Etc., in my lunch.

          Benefits – I will have a good amount of proteins that will avoid baldness or excessive hair fall.

  1. Every day I will spend at least 10 minutes with my family.

          Benefits – I will be more relaxed and all problems related to work-stress / tension will be released.

  1. Daily I will have a handful of nuts like peanuts, cashew, almonds, etc.

          Benefits – Heart will remain healthy since I will get proteins, Omega-3 fatty acids antioxidants Etc.

  1. I will have fresh juice of seasonal green vegetables.

          Benefits – I will get lots of iron, Vitamins, minerals, and digestion will be easy.

  1. I will have a healthy breakfast and avoid fried as well as spicy food.

          Benefits – I will help me in weight management and keep me away from sickness

11. I will have vegetable soup in my regular diet.

          Benefits – This will protect me from Seasonal sickness ( due to change in weather ). This will also increase my immune system.

  1. I will stop smoking, alcohol, and also control the intake of Tea as well as coffee.

          Benefits – My brain and heart will remain healthy. My body will be full of energy and I will also get antioxidants.

The above resolutions will not only keep me away from different sicknesses but I will also live longer happily and peacefully without any stress. The above rules will keep me FIT and will change my mind, body, and attitude. I know initially, I will have to push myself hard for results that will follow.

I will follow all resolutions throughout the year so that my body will thank me later. Remember eating well is a form of self-respect. I will make sure that my Diet is like a Bank account as good food choices are good investments.

I know a little progress each day adds up to BIG results so never ever give up. I know that being healthy is not a goal, it is a lifestyle. As soon as I start getting results it will become an addiction for me. I know I have to push myself because no one else is going to do it for me.

I am not trying to look perfect. I just want to feel better, look great, be happy, so I know I am Healthy. Being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or a trend, It’s going to be my lifestyle.

It takes about 21 days to form a habit. 21 days to follow the above resolutions will then become regular routine for me. It always seems impossible until it is done.