Resolution No. 1

We will review twelve resolutions over next few weeks.

Resolution No. 1 


  1. I will Start Morning Walk daily. Begin with a Kilometer and then gradually increase up to 5 kilometers over a period of time.

The secret of living well and longer is : Eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure. Best time for a walk is between 5am to 7am.

How to walk – Before starting warm up and then do some stretching exercise to avoid muscle pull. In order to get BEST results keep in mind the following aspects like keep your posture straight, arms should move naturally and continuously, toes should point forward, Shoulders should be slightly backwards, chin held high and do not look down.  Brisk walking will burn more calories. Avoid wearing Jewelry while walking. Walking is almost safe for all ages.

If you are walking before sunrise or after sunset wear colorful clothing or a jacket that reflects light. If you use headphones, they should be low volume so that you can listen to sounds around you.

Morning walking does not require anything except a good pair of shoes and the desire to get healthy.

We should have 30 minutes of walk daily which is moderate physical exercise. Walk at least 20 minutes a and then run for about 10 minutes and then again walk at a normal pace to bring your breath back to normal.

An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.

Walking will prevent diseases like :-

High Blood Pressure,

Heart Attack,





Certain types of cancer.

 Advantages of Walking     

Helps fight cholesterol,

Helps to burn fat,

Promotes muscular development,

Increases circulation,

Center your thoughts,

Invigorates you,

Gives healthy glow to your skin,

Helps you in making a healthy lifestyle,

Aids in improving the Body Mass Index ( BMI ),

Gives sense of  happiness,

Calms agitated nerves,

Aging process slows down,

Strengthens immune system,

Improves cardiovascular health,

Reduces the risk of being Hypertension patient,

It’s is also a good time to plan the day,

Actually gives you energy for the rest of the day,

It improves your appetite,

Offers an opportunity to create a good feeling,

Relaxes Mind, Body and Soul.

Right intensity of walk will elevate heart rate and burn calories. Intake of fresh Oxygen increases the fat burning process. Mental health benefits like enhancement in mental alertness, brain function and memory, better sleep, less stress and less worry. It will alleviate fatigue and  boost energy levels.  If the secret to success is positive thinking than the secret to positive thinking is morning walk.