Resolution No. 2

In continuation of our Twelve resolutions today we will share Resolution No. 2.

2. I will reduce at least one spoon of sugar from my daily routine every day.

Sugar is known to be not only addictive, but potentially dangerous. If you eat more sugar, the less ability you have to burn fat because your body is burning that sugar instead.

Don’t be alarmed—but something’s hiding in your food. From the cereal you had for breakfast to the dressing on your salad to the ketchup on your fries, an addictive substance is lurking in many foods that you’d never suspect.

Far more loathed than fat or cholesterol these days, sugar has become public enemy No. 1 when it comes to the health of India. In fact, in our effort to listen to doctors’ orders  to consume less fat and less cholesterol, Indians turned to “healthy” low-fat foods ( Sweets ) that were actually loaded with sugar.

In its natural state, sugar is a relatively harmless. It’s found in fruits, vegetables, and dairy products as a compound known as fructose or lactose. The problem comes when sugar is added to foods during processing for added flavor, texture, or color. Added sugar drives your insulin levels up, messes with your metabolism, and causes those calories to turn right into belly fat.

Fructose makes up 50% of table sugar and excessive consumption is believed to be one of the main causes of metabolic syndrome. Fructose has several properties that make it particularly unhealthy while eaten in high amounts. Fructose does not suppress appetite  as efficiently as glucose and may therefore promote overeating. Fructose has several properties ( like liver fat accumulation, Oxidative stress and overeating)  that make it particularly unhealthy when eaten in high amounts.

While losing weight is well and good, that’s just the beginning of the health benefits of cutting back on the sweet stuff. Avoid formation of sugar belly around you by reducing sugar intake since added sugars are known for contributing to Obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Simply put, reducing your intake of added sugar is one of the best things you can do for your health.

       Advantages of having less sugar :-

  1. Lowers your blood pressure.
  2. Lowers your cholesterol.
  3. Decreases heart attack risk.
  4. Causes weight loss.
  5. Blood Sugar control increases substantially.
  6. Research says that it keeps your brain sharp.
  7. Likely hood of diseases like Alzheimer’s, Dimentia… are reduced.
  8. Study showed that depression and anxiety is reduced.
  9. Addiction to sweet stuffs will be eliminated.
  10. Skin will start glowing.
  11. Minimizes risk of Diabetes.
  12. Researchers suggest that it helps prevent fatty liver diseases.
  13. Reduces risk of certain types of cancers.
  14. Oral health improves.
  15. Increases good Cholesterol in your body
  16. Your breath will be sweeter because dental decay will stop.
  17. Orexin cell will be more active which will energize your body, induce wakefulness and stoke the metabolism.
  18. Immune system becomes stronger.
  19. You will be energized throughout the day.
  20. Liver becomes leaner.
  21. Lifespan will increase.
  22. Sleep quality will start to improve.
  23. Joint pain and inflammation decreases.
  24. You are motivated to eat clean and healthy food.


  Sugar Content  of common foods ( g/100g ) 
       Food Item  Carbohydrates    Sugar
Apple           13.8      10.4
Apricot           11.1       9.2
Banana          22.8     12.2
Grapes          18.1     15.5
Peach           9.5      8.4
Pineapple         13.1      9.9
Pear         15.5      9.8
Cherries Sweet       16.01    12.82
Dates       74.97   66.47
Orange       11.75     9.35
Papaya        9.81     5.9
Plum      11.42     9.92
Strawberries        7.68     4.8
Mangoes      17.0   14.8
Lemons       9.32     2.5
Watermelon       7.55     6.2
     Vegetables      Qtty.  –   1 Cup
Beets         13.0      9.2
Carrot – Chopped         12.3      5.8
Yellow Corn        30.5      5.7
Red Pepper – Sliced          5.8     3.9
Onion – Sliced        11.6     4.9
Peas         4.8     2.5
Tomato – Chopped         7.1     4.7
Cucumber – sliced        3.8     1.7
Broccoli – Chopped        6.0     1.5
Mushrooms – sliced        2.3     1.2
Avocado – sliced      12.5     1.0
Spinach        1.1    0.1
Eggplant – cubed       4.7    1.9
Sprouts – boiled     11.1   2.7
Lettuce      1.5   0.6