Health Quotes

  • You need to be strong to live long
  • Don’t sit to be fit
  • Eat healthy to be really wealthy
  • Health is wealth; don’t compromise it with anything
  • Practice some exercise to be healthy, wealthy and wise
  • Never forget your duty, health is real beauty
  • Maintain your health to enjoy your earned wealth
  • Good health is the real earned wealth, just get it!
  • Health is wealth; don’t compromise it with anything
  • Eat what your body need, not you
  • Calm mind, healthy body is the way to stay young
  • Eat right to keep your tummy tight
  • Fulfill your need not your greed
  • Don’t make your stomach a dustbin, eat right and healthy
  • Take care of your health if you really want to earn wealth
  • Your body shows what you eat
  • Run for a mile to reduce fat a while
  • People with good health are rich than wealthy but unhealthy people
  • If you lost health you lost wealth
  • You Didn’t Gain It Overnight, So Don’t Expect To Lose It Overnight
  • Commit To Be Fit
  • Take Care Of Your Body. It’s The Only Place You Have To Live
  • Diet Cures More Than Doctors
  • Bear some pain to get new gain
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