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health astrology

Health Astrology

We have already mentioned about medical astrology. Today, although we have so many new gadgets, advanced technology, research, and advancement in medicine at the same time health-related, are many and are increasing in many forms.

Big waiting with specialists and hospitals are packed so even serious patients have to wait to get admitted. In such a situation people need some help/guidance so that they can take care if not avoid by themselves through some source which is reliable to guide them possibly in advance.

 Astrology is called the light of God. A horoscope is helpful to forecast Life, Wealth, Marriage, Career, and Health and shows us ways to find out the best results in concern. But all of us know, without fitness all are less worthy of us. According to the Indian quote “First Happiness in Life is Good Health”.

Our karma or actions makes our destiny, this is described in many Indian scriptures. The disease comes and suffers us, makes us unhappy and sad because of our karma, illness is the unfortunate result of karma and every sickness slows down our karma.

God assigns power to planets to give good and inauspicious results which are based on our karma. And, a medical horoscope is a key to check and forecast the whole of life and health. For horoscope health prediction of individual, is explained through the astrological way which can be called Medical Astrology.

The Place and time of birth are very important and must be given as accurately as possible, preferably from a birth certificate.  The time of birth is very important for calculating the Ascendant, and other important and time-sensitive factors in your Natal Horoscope.  The more accurate the birth time, the more accurate the astrological chart, and the consultation that is prepared from it.

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Health is probably the biggest concern of each and every one of us. It is for this reason that people try to eat healthily, enjoy their life as it is, and avoid everything that can potentially lead our health to harm’s way. However, no matter how hard people try, there are always some situations that come up which leads to the downfall of our health.

Therefore, if you want a robust solution to avoid all sorts of health disorders or concerns you can opt for health prediction by date of birth.

Although acquiring health problems is an inevitable incident but still, there is something that can really help you overcome all your fears regarding health problems. Health astrology is one such thing that has helped a lot of people in leading a happy and healthy lifestyle and it certainly can help you to achieve those requirements of yours.

The only thing you need is to get in touch with an experienced astrologer who can provide you with better solutions and guidance to avoid any kind of mishaps.

How astrology and health are related –  Those who don’t have any idea about astrology, should know that astrology has a deep impact on a person’s health. Since astrology means the study of cosmic elements such as stars, planets, or sun, these things have a direct impact on our health.

It is believed that the energy reflected from the planets affects the energy within our body both in a positive and negative way.

Health horoscope is all about reading these signs and working according to them. If it is good then okay, if not then you certainly need to follow things accordingly in order to rectify such things. There are many eminent astrologers who have deep knowledge about the connection between health and cosmic elements.

If you wish to visit any astrologer, you should have a sound knowledge about your date of birth, place of birth as well as the time of your birth in order to get accurate data.

How much health astrology going to affect me – Well, it completely depends on your Rashi and Kundli. If you are constantly under pressure, your health is constantly degrading even after consulting medications, then you should need to get to know about your health horoscope.

It has helped a lot of people in overcoming difficult times and it sure will provide you with the best results in days to come. The only thing you need to do is seek guidance from the best professional available near to you. Although this does not necessarily mean that you should completely avoid seeking medical treatment, it should remain on your preference list.

Health astrology by date of birth is merely a way to give you a brief idea about how things can be if you wish or do not wish to follow it.

Health horoscope is for everyone – There are people who do not believe in astrology and prefers to keep themselves away from it. However, if you look fondly, you will find that more and more people these days are seeking help from astrologers to get things to work according to them. If you want you certainly can seek health astrology just for the sake of your health.


After all, there is no harm in seeking counsel regarding your health. However, if you ever wish to get in touch with an astrologer you will definitely develop a knack towards astrology and its benefits. It is because many are the most trusted and experienced professional out there who has dedicated their entire life to saving people from miseries.

People in this age of technology often neglect the importance of astrology but fail to understand that it is the astrology that our ancestors were dependent on. Hence, it does not matter whether you believe in astrology or not, it is advisable that each and every person must visit a renowned and experienced astrologer so as get a glimpse of how there can become if they wish to follow it.

There is an old saying “Health is Wealth” and so it is. Health is one of the most vital aspects of a person’s life and his success. A person who does not have proper health conditions would never be able to do his duties and jobs properly and stand up to the expectations of others.

This sounds rude but it is very true. So proper health and a sound and focused mind are essential for success. To stay healthy and fit it is vital to take care of it and lead a disciplined life. However, do you know that planetary positions can also influence health conditions to a great extent?

Planetary positions greatly influence your well-being and so it is absolutely vital to know more about them and how these may influence your life and well-being.

Are you interested to know about how the positions of the planet can affect your health? Well, you might get probable answers through  Health Horoscope.

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Health Horoscope provides you with predictions based on your Zodiac Sign and Date of Birth. Your information undergoes complex calculations to provide you with the most correct predictions about your present and future health conditions.

Health Predictions will also provide you with a deep insight as to how your present or future health conditions might be, what are the risk factors you are likely to encounter, how you can avoid risks, and most likely your overall well-being predictions.

Health Horoscope application would provide you with suggestions about what type of lifestyle is best suited for you, what else can improve your present health conditions if any. The vital part is to make the best use of these predictions is to avoid and prevent your health risks to a great extent.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead try Health Horoscope application right now!

Health Horoscope is very easy to use and needs your Correct Date of Birth and Name and leave the process of prediction to Horoscope planner. In short, it will be a good guide for you in keeping your health healthy and fit.

Health Astrology –

In ancient times, people would read charts to determine why someone suffered from any health problems and what could be done for it. But nowadays, since the world has advanced scientifically, science has progressed and done this job. But that hasn’t affected the accuracy of readings of this horoscope in astrology.

Even many things remain unanswered by science so they are engaged in finding out answers for those points.

The things which are not known to the common people, these things are discovered with the help of astrology. Any kind of health issue which a person may have, astrology will always have an answer for that.

In health astrology, the various parts of the human body are associated with different astrological signs, the planets, and the houses. The human body is divided into twelve parts and each part is represented by one of the 12 Zodiac signs starting from head to toe.

Chart of signs with body parts.

The placement of these in the various houses and in various planetary positions determines the nature of one’s health as per the personal horoscope.

The houses also determine the severity of the illness, the remedy, and the cause of the problem. One of the remedies may be the food that suits individuals according to his chart. Each house stands for something different and what sign is placed in which the house is also a very important factor in determining an individual’s health. The strength or weakness of each house is required to calculate health or medical astrology.

House and associated body parts.

The placement of these in the various houses and in various planetary positions determines the nature of one’s health in Indian astrology. It is the ruler rather than the planets in a house that affect the health of a person, therefore one should majorly look at the ruler of the house to determine the kind of illness that the individual may have.

Most of the important diseases can be predicted from the planetary position of the individual from his birth chart. This is the most complex part of astrology.


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The God assigned the powers to the nine spheres to make results according to action or Karma of individual. All nine planets are considered a deity in Vedic Hindu literature and Indian Kundali astrology. Recitation of planet prayers may reduce the evil effects of them.

The whole life of a native drive by these stars. This is known that Sun and Moon have a great impact on the earth’s atmosphere, such as this all planets have an impact on lives. The degree of a sphere decides the power of a star in a horoscope.

And the planet located in a certain house of the horoscope is the key to examine the power of a star. Transit of planet means the time in which the specific star has more power to perform the event in life.

Sun Planet Horoscope (Surya):

Sun planet called the soul of the body and universe and describes the ability and vitality of a person. Positive and good placed this sphere turn life into success, wisdom, fame, and ability to rule on others and related from father also. Sun gives firmed determination power and rules on Leo sign. In our body, it represents the mind, right eye, eye vision, heart, power, belly, stage of mind, blood, soul, and bones. Sun has the influence on wisdom, nature, influence on others, animal, father concern matter, journey, heart diseases, diseases of the head, fatness, half-year, worship of Lord Shiva. The good condition of the Sun indicates a strong body and eating more salt in the meal.

Moon Planet Astrology (Chandra):

Moon makes the mood of a person as it is related to emotions, feelings, thoughts, and imaginations. According to Indian horoscope astrology, Moon planet in a horoscope is related to wisdom, flower, diseases of the spleen, diseases of the blood, sleep, matter of water, cold fever, tuberculosis, and favor.

Good placed Moon in a horoscope provides intellect, growth, and wealth. Especially for good financial status, it has to be strong in the horoscope. Moon represents the forecast of happiness, mother, face, mental condition, blood pressure, fickle mind, phobia, madness, worship of Goddess Parvati and Saraswati, childhood, heart, and flow of blood.

Moon rules on astrology sign Cancer. The glow of the skin is an indication of the auspicious position of Moon in a horoscope.

Jupiter Planet Astrology (Guru):

Forecast of Jupiter is related to luck, children, destiny, success, fame, body height, education, wisdom, spirituality, knowledge, and intelligence. Jupiter astrology represents the forecast of mind status, deafness, liver diseases, teacher, duty, wealth, astrology, son, belly, grandfather, older brother, anger, deity, friend, chant, religion, and worship of Lord Vishnu.

The star is the owner of the liver, stomach, kidney, and signs Sagittarius and Pisces. Good conditions of this planet are long height, good condition of belly and body, and ability to know other person’s thoughts. Liver disease, bad condition of the belly, short height, bad relation to the father, grandfather, and friends, body overweight are some bad influences of the planet.

Mercury Planet Horoscope (Budh):

According to astrology, Mercury describes the value of business skills, the value of speech, and communication skills. It tells forecast of friends, maternal uncle, horse, maths skill, knowledge, infantry, writing work, house, astrology, numerology, temple, body skin, skin diseases, sister, and human intelligence.

Mercury has an influence on chants, devotion, nature, Lord Vishnu’s worship, maternal uncle, chant, and tantra. Mercury is related to the economy, business, and clothes also and representative of voice. It rules on two zodiac sign Gemini and Virgo. Indication for good placed Mercury is influencing good voice.

Venus Planet Astrology (Shukra):

Venus gives beauty, sense of beauty, and grace to native if located in a good place of the horoscope. Venus tells horoscope forecast of luxuries life, pleasure, singing enjoyment, love of harmony, ability, and desires. It rules on sexual organs in the body and upon Taurus and Libra signs.

It tells forecast about marriage, life partners beauty, enjoyment of married life, lover, life partner, income, prosperity, fame, ego, the ability of dancing, swimming, eating habits, luck, health, servant, weakness, hair, mysterious things, worship of Goddess Lakshmi and availability of vehicles. Good Venus indicates sufficient ability to perform love art.

Mars Planet Birth Chart (Mangal):

Mars considers the commander of angels and commander of battle in life. Mars tells horoscope predictions of martial powers, brothers, property, land, courage, enemy, leadership quality, and blood in the body. It associated with war, victory, defeat, mercy, hydrocele disease, journey, wound, the power of an enemy, energy, anger, brother, and worship of Lord Hanuman. Mars rules upon two horoscope signs Aries and Scorpio. Broad shoulders and fair muscle are indications of a strong Mars in a horoscope.

Saturn Planet Astrology (Shani):

According to Indian birth chart astrology, Saturn is a cruel and dark planet. It assigned the duty of a judge and gives lawful results to the native. Bad conditions of this planet in horoscope give burdens, laziness, legs problems, nervous breakdown, sadness in behavior, cholic pain, sorrows, and diseases.

Badly placed in the horoscope, creates problems at every step in whole life, especially in transit term (Dasha). Saturn tells forecast of income, darkness, fault, level of sorrows, face impact, speech level, false tells, and worship of Lord Shiva and Hanuman.

It rules on two horoscope signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Indications for good placed Saturn in a horoscope are lack of laziness and strong legs.

Raahu Planet Horoscope :

According to Indian Kundli astrology, is the head of the devil and an imaginary planet. Raahu has a good influence on sign Gemini and a bad impact on Sagittarius. It considers the darkest, very cruel, and servant of Saturn. Raahu has influences on mysterious things, speculation, lottery, cough, diseases of legs, worship of Goddess Durga, bones, thieves, magic and ill habits, and other people’s money and unwanted happenings also.

Raahu has powers and the ability to turns circumstances in an unexpected way. Bad placed Raahu in a horoscope being caused by a lack of success, problems, creating wrong decisions, delay in fulfillment of ambitions, and desires.

Ketu Planet Astrology :

“Ketu” known as the body of a devil (Body of Rahu) without head and it is an imaginary planet also. This planet has an influence on Gemini (bad effect) and Sagittarius (good effect). Horoscope forecast can be made about rebirth and nirvana by viewing the position of Ketu in a horoscope.

It associated with the worship of Goddess Kaali and Lord Ganesha, prosperity, tuberculosis, fever, injury, affection, belly, knowledge level, luck, enemy power, grandfather, son, and flag. This planet also considers cruel and dark full.

According to new horoscope aspects, there are three new planets that have an influence on life and event, these are Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Permanent Relationship between Horoscope Planets

Planet Enemy Friend Neutral
Sun Saturn, Venus Moon, Mars, Jupiter Mercury
Moon None Sun, Mercury Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn
Mars Mercury Jupiter, Moon, Sun Venus, Saturn
Mercury Moon Sun, Venus Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
Jupiter Mercury, Venus Sun, Moon, Mars Saturn
Venus Sun, Moon Mercury, Saturn Mars, Jupiter
Saturn Sun, Moon, Mars Mercury, Venus Jupiter
Raahu Moon None None
Ketu Sun None None

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Your Natal Horoscope also called your Astrological Birth chart, is an in-depth portrait of the essential YOU – in Body, Mind, and Spirit.  Other forms of astrology interpret the Natal Horoscope in terms of your Mind and Spirit, personality, and character.

Medical Astrology goes one step further and includes the Body as well, and its constitutional strengths, vulnerabilities, and predispositions in terms of your health.

Your Natal Horoscope is the Owner’s Manual to your Body-mind.  Its greatest strength is that it portrays your constitutional makeup, or temperament, in amazing depth and detail.  And from this knowledge of your constitutional nature and temperament, according to the precepts of Greek Medicine, the Medical Astrologer can give you detailed, specific advice on:

DIET:  Which foods to eat, and which to avoid.  What kind of diet to follow for optimum health and longevity.  Which nutritional supplements to take, and which nutrients you have special needs for.

HERBS:  Which herbs to take to heal and balance out any health conditions or concerns that you might have.  Which herbs and therapies are especially good for you as tonics to your system, and possibly also which herbs and therapies to avoid.

HOLISTIC THERAPIES:  Which kinds of holistic and natural treatment modalities are especially suited for you.  Individualized guidance and direction on your own personal healing journey.

EXERCISE:  Your exercise personality – which kinds of exercise you are especially suited for, and which would appeal to you the most.  The types of exercise that would be best for you, as well as possible ones to avoid for health considerations.

LIFESTYLE:  How to eat, work, exercise, rest, relax, and sleep for optimum health, happiness, and peace of mind.  Managing emotions, mindfulness, and stress levels where necessary or advisable.

MIND – BODY MEDICINE:  More than any other healing modality, the in-depth portrait of the essential YOU, in Body, Mind, and Spirit, that is depicted in the Natal Horoscope in Medical Astrology shows, with incredible detail and sophistication, the complex psychosomatic interweaving of Mind and Body.

From this depiction, the Medical Astrologer can give you personalized advice on how to remove psychosomatic blockages that are holding you back in your healing process, and how to cultivate better health via Mind – Body practices such as yoga, meditation, spiritual counseling, and changing your mental outlook on life.

Medical Astrology is also very good at elucidating the deeper spiritual and/or karmic reasons behind the health challenges you are facing.

Predictive Medicine – Taking Prevention to a Whole New Level

In medicine and the healing arts, they say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  How true!  But what if you could not only take general preventive and hygienic measures to ward off disease but actually know beforehand what kinds of health challenges would be coming up for you in the future?

Then you could take preventive measures to strengthen your body proactively against these upcoming health challenges so that you’re ready for them, and your organism is fortified against them when they happen.

That’s what Medical Astrology can do for you, which is what I call Predictive Medicine.  According to transits and progressions to your natal astrology chart, or Natal Horoscope, a Medical Astrologer can actually tell you what kinds of health challenges may be headed your way, so you can take the proper preventive measures to ward them off in time before they manifest or become major health issues.

The Medical Astrologer as a Guide and Coach in Your Own Healing Process

As a Medical Astrologer, my highest duty is to act as a guide and coach, so to speak, to assist you in your own healing process.  How you take your own healing journey is ultimately up to you, but I can act as a way-shower, facilitator, and referral source to other practitioners if the therapeutic modality that I feel you need is one that I cannot provide.

The modalities that I have to offer are dietary therapy, lifestyle counseling, and medicinal herbs, but the great thing about Medical Astrology is that it is open to all other natural healing modalities as well.


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