Walking Exercise Outdoor

Walking Exercise Outdoor

Walking exercise outdoor is one of the easiest aerobics that you can do. 30 minutes a day will be an effective walking workout.  Just by walking three days a week, you will start getting results. Increase intensity once you form a habit of walking.

Your heart and breathing rate will increase due to aerobic walking. Start walking every day, and you will start to get more fit.  You will also be able to avoid some health risks such as cancer, heart ailments, and diabetes.

Other benefits of  walking exercise Outdoor include:

  • Having control of your weight
  • Muscular fitness
  • Being able to balance your body
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Weight loss 
  • Less chance of having a stroke or other kinds of cancer

Being injured by walking is not common.  It is one of the safest aerobic exercises that everyone can do.

You should do aerobic walking for 30 minutes a day, five days a week.  Even though it may not start out that way, you will eventually work your way up to that point.

Start out by determining how many times a week you will do aerobic walking. Take your time and start gradually if you have not exercised for quite some time.

Some people may do exercises in 10-minute intervals, which is a great idea for the ones who haven’t been exercising in a while.  Gradually, you will add more time and intensity to your walk. Start out gradually to go to the next level.

Visit your physician and get his approval before you start.  Not having walked in a while may cause some issues if you don’t know what you are doing.

Following walking equipment accessories are needed to enhance your walking exercise Outdoor :

Apparel – Wear comfortable and lightweight apparel.  You don’t want to wear anything tight where your skin cannot breathe. Cotton is good to wear.

If you are a nightwalker, wear light clothing and use reflective tape if you are sharing the road with vehicles.  They will be able to see you. Do not walk alone when it’s dark it can be dangerous.

Walking shoes – Wear comfortable shoes (lightweight and durable) when you start walking. Get a pair that have a round heel and are breathable.

Using a pedometer will help you to measure your walking distance. Preferably attach to your waistband. Once you have finished walking, you will know how long you have walked for that time period.

There are several accessories to find out heart rate  while walking exercise:

1. Ankle weights

2. Hand weights

3. Wrist weights

The formula to calculate heart rate is to take your age and remove that from 220.

Increasing Aerobic Walking

You will get fitter as you increase your walk daily. Make it a habit and slowly reach your target by walking every day.

Schedule a walk for about 180 minutes per week as you continue at that pace. Keep up with your progress.  Take daily readings of your aerobic walks.  You will be motivated to see how far you have come since you started.

Once you see your numbers looking the same, you will know that it is time to make some adjustments to your fitness routine.

Once you start making strides, reward yourself.   Some people go out to eat when they have reached an achievement.  Some say you should skip the food. More rewarding things that you can do are go shopping for yourself, going to a movie, or getting your nails done, or a massage.  These are things that are worthy of rewards.

Walking exercise outdoor

Benefits of  walking exercise outdoor

Add more distance to your walking routine.  If you walk more, your heart and breathing rate will increase tremendously.

Add more days to your walk.  When you get accustomed to walking three days a week, step it up to four or five days.  Step up every week once you are accustomed to walking.

Start walking faster.  You will get more benefits from doing that.  You will be able to walk for longer periods over a period of time.

You can use hand weights during your aerobic walking. You can start off by using ½ pound weights.  Hand weights will help you to burn more calories while walking.

You can also use ankle weights. This helps to provide increased strength to your leg muscles.  Apart from burning calories muscles also get toned. You will get a lot of benefits from using them while you are walking.

During aerobic walking include a short run.  Runabout 100 steps or so to begin with.  When you run, your heart rate will increase. Increase 100 steps after every week and you will find your breathing will be faster.  This will help you in getting out of the same daily pattern. It’s always good to add a twist to your exercise so that you won’t feel bored.

Don’t continue to walk the same distance.  Make changes in your routine by having shorter walks and longer walks on other days.

You can also listen to music while you are walking.  If not music, then you can listen to audiobooks.  They can put your mind at ease.  As and when you decide to do this, be aware of your surroundings.  You may not be able to hear or see everything that is going on around you because you are focused on listening to the audio.

You will have fun if you have a companion/friend for Aerobic walking he will not only motivate but will also push you for increasing your boundaries.  You will be pumped to exercise if you have a good neighbor/friend to give you company.