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Stress Reliever


Healthy ways to deal with stress :-

a. Wake up Early morning

b. Prepare for the morning the night before

c. Maintain a sense of humor

d. Keep an agenda / Planner

e. Check your agenda often

f. Evaluate your priorities

g. Fix or abandon toxic relationships

h. Manage your time well

i. Focus on what you can control

j. Find opportunities in life challenges

k. Read a book

l. Talk to someone you trust

m. Choose friends carefully

n. Make time to exercise

o. Pursue your passion

p. Spend time with your family and friends

q. Be extra kind to the people around you

r. Take a break from social media

s. practice Yoga poses

t. Leave time for the unexpected

u. Avoid people who bother you

v. Don’t say YES to everything

w. Practice positive self-talk

x. Redefine success and perfection

y. Practice thought stopping

z. Create an assets column ( Positives )

Signs and symptoms of stress :- 

Cognitive Symptoms :- Inability to concentrate, Nightmares, Constant Worrying, Guilt, Poor Judgement, Anxious or racing Thoughts, Trouble learning new information, Difficulty in decision making and Forgetfulness, disorganization.

Emotional Symptoms :- Moodiness, Depression, General Unhappiness, Low Self Esteem-Lonely, Worthless, Irritability, Short Temper, Overwhelmed, Like loosing control, Suicidal thoughts, Agitation-Inability to relax,

Physical Symptoms :- Nervous, Shaking, Weakness, Fatigue, Chest pain, Palpitations, Rapid Heartbeat, Loss of Sex drive ability, Low Energy, Sweating, Headache, Heartburn, Panic Attacks, Difficulty Breathing.

Behavioral Symptoms :- Sleeping too much, too little, Aggression, Hostility, Overreaction, Defensiveness, suspiciousness, Nervous habits, Lies/Excuses to cover up Poor work, Using Alcohol, Drugs or Cigarettes to relax, neglecting Responsibilities, Social withdrawal or Isolation and Excessive Gambling.

Stresses are part of every day life. Practice applying these techniques to balance your stress equation. Soon, you will be able to right technique that will keep you hiking through life steadily.

Steps for Zero Stress

Natural Stress Relievers :-

Exercise and Yoga – Exercise and Yoga are the BEST stress relievers available to us. A natural remedy because it releases powerful endorphin chemicals in the brain, which acts like a body’s built-in painkillers and mood-lifters.

A Nutrient-Dense Diet – A steady supply of nutrients like essential Vitamins, trace minerals, Healthy Fat, Electrolytes, Amino Acids and Antioxidants all help your brain handle stress better.

Acupuncture – Acupuncture has increasingly been used to treat many stress-related conditions including psychiatric disorders, Autoimmune or immunological-related diseases, Infertility, Anxiety, and depression.

Keeping a Journal – A journal, is easy and effective way to monitor your state of mind throughout the day. Focus on thoughts that cause you harm.

Time in nature and being Social – Making time for connecting with people around you, spending time outside and doing things you love with family, friends and your spouse are all Stress relievers.

Aromatherapy – Is a caring hands-on therapy which seeks to induce relaxation, to increase energy, to reduce the effects of stress and to restore lost balance to  mind, body, and soul. It can also spark creativity, lift mood, ease anxiety and evoke passion.

Nutrition – Honey, Banana, Avocados, Chocolate, Watermelon, Coffee,  Pomegranates Chili Peppers, Coconut Oil, Whole Grains, Almonds, Turmeric, Dark Leafy Greens like Spinach, Cabbage, Peas, Green Apples, Lettuce, Sweet Potatoes, Pears, Grapes, Kiwi, Strawberries, Pineapple, Blueberries, Oranges and Lemon Tea.



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