Medical Astrology

Astrology (traditionally known as iatromathematics) is an ancient medical system that associates various parts of the body, diseases, and drugs as under the influence of the sun, moon, and planets, along with the twelve astrological signs.

Medical Astrology is the part of astrology that deals with the functioning of the human body. A competent medical astrologer can analyze a person’s birth chart and determine bodily strengths and weaknesses and proneness to various disease states. Albert Einstein said: “Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things and I am greatly indebted to it.”

Medical Astrology is one of the branch of Astrology. It helps in knowing about present and future medical problems. Medical problems are predicted on the basis of houses, Nakshatras, Dashas is the basic theme of Medical Astrology.  It’s a tool for looking at ones predispositions to health and disease. You will not experience all the ailments listed.

Your horoscope gives several clues to your health and what you might do to improve problems you may have with it. There are four major factors at work in the horoscope, also when it comes to health indicators: the what, how, where, and why:

Planets and similar points in the horoscope show what happens, what active power is at work. Zodiac signs show how the planets act, the characteristics of the event. Houses show where in one’s life, in what environment, the planets act.

Medical Astrology goes a step ahead of Medical Science in diagnosing the diseases one is likely to suffer in his lifetime by reading of his birth chart! Thus what you get is your Health Profile predicting the possible future diseases, against which you can, then take preventive measures even before they start manifesting themselves!

The individuals with strong birth chart are generally able to withstand or cope up with diseases better, whereas the others seemingly strong physiques may fall ill suddenly. This can be attributed to forming of a certain planetary combinations or Yoga at a definite time in rendering a person suffer from diseases. Medical Astrology helps here too! There are certain Astrological Remedies by which you can be protected from the malefic effects of such planetary combinations.

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  • Strength of your birth chart & the quality of health you are likely to enjoy in the coming years.
  • Diseases you are likely to suffer from due to certain planetary transits & combinations forming in your birth chart.
  • Potential timing of ill health/ ailments attacking your system (if at all) for the next 10 years.
  • In case of suffering from certain illness, when one is likely to be cured / or turn fatal ( if life threatening disease)
  • If both medicines & surgery are the options, then which one to be followed for better results.
  • If alternate line of treatment is available like Allopathy, Homeopathy, what will be the right choice.
  • Astrological Remedies to counter the effects of malefic planets causing diseases.

It is possible to diagnose a disease well before its actual appearance in the body. A disease can be expected,

  • When any planet receives bad aspects like square ( 90 Deg. ) and opposition ( 180 Deg. ).
  • When bad planets ( Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Kethu, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto ) are positioned in bad houses like 6th house ( place of disease), 8th house ( place of longevity ) and 12th house ( place of death ).
  • When bad planets occupy the signs : Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.
  • When bad planets occupy the ascendant ( place of body, mind and soul ).
  • Death can be predicted when Sun, Moon and Ascendant – All the three are afflicted.
  • Thus you can benefit by knowing the possible life threatening disease or a disease which has its root cause in the early years and by working on a possible correction in lifestyle & preventive measures along with Astrological Remedies.

      Houses and cause of death :-

  • If 5th and 7th house is involved, then a love affair of the native will be the reason behind his/her death.
  • If 9th house is connected, then the death will take place during a journey or in a foreign land.
  • If 10th House is connected, then the death will occur in a public place.
  • If 11th House is involved, then the death will occur in friends house.
  • If 12th House is involved, then the death will be violent and takes place in hospital or asylum.
  • When the malefics are strong and the afflictions are heavy, violent death can be confirmed.
  • If Ascendant is involved, then the native will  cause his/her death either intentionally or accidentally.

      Planets and cause of death :- 

  • If Sun and Moon are afflicted by malefic planets, then violent death can be suspected.
  • When Mars with Uranus or Saturn are involved, then sudden and violent death can be predicted.
  • Sun : Heart problems.
  • Moon : Drowning, Phlegmatic, and cold conditions.
  • Mars : Head and Red Blood Cells, Suicide, High fever, Inflammations, Violence, Weapons, Fire and Vehicular Accidents     .
  • Jupiter : Liver and Blood.
  • Saturn : Bones and Skeleton, Suffocation, Falling from high places, Bruises, Rheumatism, Consumption, All cold condition and Lingering death.
  • Uranus : Sudden and peculiar death of explosives or wrong treatment, Uranus will not cause death directly. Uranus contributes to death indirectly. ( e.g. leading to wrong treatment ).
  • Neptune : Mysterious death or death due to unknown reasons.  

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Signs refer to ‘Kaal Purusha’ kundli and houses to natal chart:

Sr.No. House or Bhava Parts of the body it rules.
1. Aries or Lagna Head, brain, mind.
2. Taurus or 2nd house Face, eyes, nose, tongue, teeth, ears, fingers, nails, bones, flesh.
3. Gemini or 3rd house Neck, throat, collar bones, hands, breathing, body growth.
4. Cancer or 4th house Heart, lungs, chest, breast, blood, and diaphragm.
5. Leo or 5th house Upper abdomen, mind, heart, liver, gall bladder, spleen, intestines, mesentery.
6. Virgo or 6th house Lower abdomen, navel, bones, flesh, mental faculties, anus, kidney.
7. Libra or 7th house Groins (place between abdomen and thighs), semen, female organs, breathing, bladder, uterus, ovaries, prostate glands, pineal gland.
8. Scorpio or 8th house External genitals, urine, blood, seminal vessels.
9. Sagittarius or 9th house Thighs and limbs, femoral arteries.
10. Capricorn or 10th house Knees, bones and flesh, patella, popliteal fossa.
11. Aquarius or 11th house Buttocks and breathing, legs in general, left ear.
12. Pisces or 12th house Feet and blood, left eye.


Planet Part of the body It denotes                      Diseases it causes
Sun Stomach, bone, right eye, heart, skin, belly, head constitution of body. Trouble in right eye, high fever, disease of heart, stomach and skin, bone fracture, leprosy, internal fever, brain trouble, diseases in head and all past diseases.



Heart, lungs, mind, blood, left eye, breast, alimentary canal, water in body. intestines, lymph,
Diseases of heart, lungs, left eye, uterus, sleepless inertia, asthma, diarrhea, anemia, poisoning of blood, diseases from water, vomiting, kidney trouble, diabetes, menstrual dis-order, dropsy, appendicitis, diseases of breasts and mammary glands, cough and cold, hydrocele.
Mars Blood, marrow, energy, neck, veins, genitals, red matter in blood, rectum veins, female organs and vitality, nose. Diseases of head, poisoning, cuts, wounds, sore eye, leprosy, itches, blood pressure, loss of energy, diseases of female organs, bone fracture urinal diseases, boils, tumors, cancer, piles, menstrual disorder, ulcer, dysentery, rectal diseases, chicken pox, mumps, fistula, hernia.
Mercury Chest, nerves, skin, navel, nose, spinal system, gall bladder, veins, lungs, tongue, arms, mouth, hair Diseases of chest and nerves, chicken-pox, epilepsy, diseases of navel, nose and gall bladder, poisonous diseases, bone fracture, typhoid, madness, paralysis, fits, ulcers, indigestion, cholera, skin and mouth diseases, neurofibromas, vertigo.
Jupiter Thighs, fat, brain, lungs, liver, kidney, ear, memory, tongue and spleen, semen. Diseases of liver, kidneys, lungs and ears, diabetes, lack of memory, malady of tongue, thighs, pancreas spleen and dropsy, jaundice, tumors, albumin in urine, blood poisoning, dyspepsia, abscesses.
Venus Face, eye-sight, genital organs, semen urine, luster of body, throat, water in body    and glands, chin. Diseases of face and eye, venereal diseases, fading away of bodily luster, fits, indigestion, throat trouble, diabetes, sexual incompetence, impotency, dropsy, fever and diseases of glands. gonorrhea, syphilis, goiter, gout, cysts, anemia, urethral diseases, hernia, general debility.
Saturn Legs, joint bones, muscles, limbs, teeth, skin and hair. knees, ears, spleen. Weakness, stomach pain, damage and loss of  limbs, bone fracture, diseases of bones, teeth, skin and legs, rheumatic pains, blindness, ugly hair, mental worry, wounds, muscle pains, paralysis, hysteria, deafness, tumors, baldness.
Rahu Feet, breathing, neck. Lung problems, disease in feet, ulcers, boils, Leprosy, difficulties in breathing, enlargement of spleen, cataract and hydrocele, varicose veins, hiccoughs, stammering, poisoning, pains.
Ketu Belly, feet Lung problems, fever, eye-pain, stomach pain, boils, pains in body, diseases from unknown  causes, intestine worms, low blood pressure, defect in speech and ear, brain diseases, phobias.

Medical astrology posits the association of each sign of the zodiac with parts of the body. The signs of the zodiac were believed to preside over the parts of the body, covering the body from head (Aries) to toe (Pisces), as follows:

  • Aries– head, face, brain, eyes
  • Taurus– throat, neck, thyroid gland, vocal tract
  • Gemini– arms, lungs, shoulders, hands, nervous system, brain
  • Cancer– chest, breasts, stomach, alimentary canal
  • Leo– heart, chest, spine, spinal column, upper back
  • Virgo– digestive system, intestines, spleen, nervous system
  • Libra– kidneys, skin, lumbar region, buttocks
  • Scorpio– reproductive system, sexual organs, bowels, excretory system
  • Sagittarius– hips, thighs, liver, sciatic nerve
  • Capricorn– knees, joints, skeletal system
  • Aquarius– ankles, circulatory system
  • Pisces– feet, toes, lymphatic system, adipose tissue

The western astrology planets are also associated with certain portions and functions within the body:

  • Sun– heart, spine, and general vitality
  • Moon– stomach, digestive system, female organs, lymphatic system
  • Mercury– brain, central nervous system, thyroid gland, five senses, hands
  • Venus– throat, kidneys, thymus gland, sense of touch, ovaries
  • Mars– muscles, head, adrenal glands, senses of smell and taste
  • Jupiter– liver, thighs, feet, growth, pituitary gland
  • Saturn– skin, hair, teeth, bones, the body’s defenses, spleen
  • Uranus– parathyroid gland, neural activity, aura
  • Neptune– pineal gland, psychic healing
  • Pluto– pancreas, metabolism, elimination


After examining an individual’s natal chart, a medical astrologer may give advice to the client about the areas of the body in which they are most likely to experience trouble. For instance, an individual with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, or many planets in the sign of Aries is presumed to have more headaches than other people because of the association of Aries with the head. A person with Taurus strong in the natal chart is predicted to have many sore throats and problems with the voice because of the Taurean association with that particular part of the body.

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Aries : The energies are often in excess of the nervous and mental balance, and most ill-health has its origins in such things as violent exertion and outbursts of anger. The Aries person should seek poise at all costs.
Diseases are headaches, fevers, neuralgia, eye troubles, eruptions and inflammations, wounds and accidents.

Taurus : Over-indulgence and too much comfort lie at the roots of most disorders, but there is also a tendency to brood over troubles which lends force to any passing ailments.
Diseases which particularly attack the throat.

Gemini : Nervous reactions and restlessness, form the basis.
Diseases are Bronchial complaints, consumption, nerve diseases, pneumonia and pleurisy, asthma and anemia.

Cancer : Usually complaints originate in the emotions through some mental irritant, cause nervous reactions and general lessening of vitality. It has been said that nine times out of ten the Cancerian is hurt in health more by others than by himself.
Diseases are

Leo : Nearly all afflictions tend to arise from over-exertion of some kind.
Diseases are Heart trouble, poor circulation and similar troubles

Virgo : There is a tendency to upsets of the digestive organs from nervous causes, producing acidity and other troubles.
Diseases are Digestive troubles and complaints to do with intestines generally.

Libra : Troubles arise usually from nervous exhaustion of some kind.
Diseases are Kidney affections and afflictions to the spine.

Scorpio : Breaking down of the resistance through worrying and interaction of others upon the individual.
Diseases are Diseases of the parts already mentioned as belonging to the Sign.

Sagittarius : Restlessness often causes the trouble; the folks under this Sign are peculiar to accidents and injuries.
Diseases are Gout, rheumatism, sciatica, accidents.

Capricorn : Disease is frequently rooted in inhibitions.
Diseases are Skin complaints and diseases affecting the parts of the Sign.

Aquarius : Nervous causes, usually, based on the highly sensitive nature.
Diseases are Accidents to the ankles and complaints affecting that part of the body; varicose veins, blood poisoning and some nervous diseases.

Pisces : Over-heating of the mind with possibly fancied injuries from others, plus much sensitiveness physical and mental, form the basis for most complaints.
Diseases are Influenza, colds, diseases accompanied by mucous discharges and similar complaints.


The Planets govern parts corresponding with the Signs they rule and in which they have their exaltation.

The physiological side, in relation to the Signs, is as follows :-

Aries : The brain faculties and the distribution of mental and physical energy.

Taurus : Recuperative forces.

Gemini : The breathing and those things connected.

Cancer : Nutrition.

Leo : Distribution of vital forces and especially through the blood.

Virgo : Processes of assimilation and absorption.

Libra : The liquid processes of the body.

Scorpio : Procreation and reproduction.

Sagittarius: The senses, malady as studied through the nerves.

Capricorn : Processes of preservation and reserve of energy.

Aquarius : The circulation and eliminative processes.

Pisces : Perspiration and the lymphatic processes generally.


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Significance with reference to astro- medicology are :


Aries : The crown of head-the scalp, masculine, fiery, movable

Taurus : Signifies face, neck, earthy, feminine, fixed.

Gemini : Chest, common sign, airy, bisexual.

Cancer :Heart, movable, feminine, watery.

Leo : Stomach, abdominal organs, fixed, fiery, juices.

Virgo : Hips, common sign, feminine.

Libra : Naval region, umbilicus, airy, movable, masculine.

Scorpio : Genital organs, feminine, watery, fixed.

Sagittarius : Thighs, common sign, fiery, masculine.

Capricorn : Knees, feminine, earthy, movable.

Aquarius : Calves of the feet, fixed, windy, masculine.

Pisces : Feet, common sign, feminine, watery.


First house : Head, neck and pelvis.

Second house : Right side body parts, right eye, shoulders, reproductive organs, speech, eye sight, face, nose.

Third house : Right ear, arm, ovary, testicles, leg, throat.

Fourth house : Right cheek, knee, heart, (right lobe and valves), right side of stomach, spleen and liver.

Fifth house :  Heart, Stomach. Liver, Upper Intestines.

Sixth house : Right jaw, chest and calf (muscle)of leg, body swelling, venereal diseases, tuberculosis, bronchitis, cancer, colic pains etc. diseases.

Seventh house : Mouth, lips, naval region, groins, feet.

Eighth house : Left jaw, chest, calf muscles, anus, fistula, piles, urinary tract infections, venereal diseases.

Ninth house : Left cheek, heart and knee.

Tenth house : Left side body, nostrils, thigh.

Eleventh house : Left ear, arm, ovary and testicles.

Twelfth house : Left side, eye, shoulder and sexual organs, injury, mental agony (tension).

Plants associated with the Planets:

THE SUN : Food-stuffs-Rice, honey and aromatic herbs, as used for flavoring.
Flowers – Marigold, sunflower, peonies, etc.
Trees-The bay, walnut and palm.

THE MOON : Food-stuffs-Cabbage, melons, cucumbers, pumpkins, turnips, mushrooms, lettuce, watercress. Flowers-Mostly night-growing varieties.
Trees-Traditionally, those which are mostly rich in sap, e.g. Maple and Sycamore.

MERCURY : Food-stuffs-Many seed-bearing plants; carrots, parsley, the majority of nuts.
Flowers-The wilder varieties.
Trees-Hazel, walnut, and other nut-bearing trees.

VENUS : Food-stuffs-Gooseberry and other berries, wheat, and most of the spices.
Flowers-Daffodil, goldenrod, violet, rose, lily, etc.
Trees-Apple, pear, peach, fig, almond, ash, cypress and most of the vines.

Mars : Food-stuffs-Practically all the “hot” foods, such as ginger, and peppers, and those of strong taste such as the onion, garlic, etc. Hops are also under Mars.
Flowers-The unusual and rather coarser bright flowers.
Trees-Holly, fir (?) and all thorn-bearing trees, or bushes.

JUPITER : Food-stuff-Vegetables such as sage, leeks; asparagus; rhubarb; mints; and fruits such as strawberries and the currants.
Flowers-The daisies and similar flowers.
Trees-Lime, birch, mulberry, ash, oak, birch.

SATURN : Food-stuffs-Most vegetables, such as potatoes, etc.; parsnips, spinach and barley.
Flowers-Very few known to be associated, but the various bushes when in flower are thought to be so placed
Trees-Pine, yew, willow, elm.

URANUS and NEPTUNE are similar to Venus and the Moon, respectively.


Sun : Bald head, head, stomach, bones, heart, blood vessels, blood, eyes, brain, throat, spleen, fever, brain disorders, eye, ear, nose and throat diseases, diarrhea etc.,

Moon : Mixed, heart, vital organs, blood, urine, body fluids and secretions, glands.

Mars : Fiery, wounds, bone marrow, fevers, injuries, burns, hemorrhage, abortion, menstrual disorders, rheumatism, venereal disease.

Mercury : Brain, thoracic organs, tongue, thyroid gland, skin, neck, nervous system, dumbness, insanity, skin, loss of memory.

Jupiter : Male, fatty, big bellied, phlegmatic, digestive organs, liver.

Venus : Muscles, thighs, hair, urinary and sex organs, buttocks, semen, venereal diseases, sex debility, hyper sex, sensory organs.

Saturn : Phlegmatic, windy, urinary bladder, rectum, anus, sweat pores, teeth, muscles, tendons, wrist, feet, muscular pains, toothache, tooth decay, ulcers, epilepsy, hysteria, respiratory diseases.

Rahu : Phlegmatic, skin, blood, cholera, small pox, leprosy, epilepsy, poisoning, allergies, eczema, infections, fevers etc.

Ketu : Bones, poisons, intoxicants, joints.

The 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 12th, houses are evil houses, owners of which give malefic effects. Planets positioned in the evil houses also get afflicted 1st, 5th and 9th houses are thrones and lords of thrones are benefic where ever they are placed and planets positioned in thrones become benefic, loosing much of their malefic effects.

Malefic planets like Sun, Mars, Saturn as lords of Kendras(1, 4, 7, 10) are benefic. Benefic planets namely Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus as lords of Kendras are malefic; but positioned in Kendra are benefic. Moon and Mercury in association with malefic become malefic.

Benefic hemmed between malefic loose their benefic effects.

Benefic aspect of Jupiter reduces malefic results. Aspect of Mars and Saturn give malefic results.

The transient malefic results will be experienced during the major period, sub period and sub periods of malefic (become malefic) planets. Planets positioned in 6-8 position called Sastastika cause harm during their mutual Dasa / Antar Dasa periods.


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Certain position of planets cause permanent physical defects like dumbness, squint eye, blindness, defects in the limbs etc.

Affliction implies that the Rasi/Lagna/House is occupied by one or more malefic, unsuspected by a benefic, or even aspect by a malefic. If Lagna /Moon sign (Rasi) is occupied by Mars, Saturn or Rahu the native will have defects or malfunctioning of urinary organs and sex organs. Bed wetting in early age and problems in urination in youth and prostrate enlargement after 40 years of age can be foreseen. Malefic conjunction of Saturn and Mars in 1st or 7th house indicates impotency and passive role in homosexuality. Rahu in Lagna/Rasi gives skin diseases and piles. Sun or Mars in birth sign/Rasi aspect by Mars or Sun, the native will have lung diseases. Second house affiliation gives voice and speech defects. If it (Rasi) is a fiery sign, obtaining the 6th or 8th house, occupied by 8th or 9th lord, who is malefic, speech defect may be predicted. If it is hemmed between malefic then dumbness is a certainty.

Affliction of 2nd house with Sun, then eye defects, squint eye, etc can be foreseen. If it is an evil house hemmed between malefic blindness can be predicted.

If the 3rd house is a watery sign afflicted and aspect by the native will have chronic ear trouble with offensive ear discharge(pus) and the right ear having faint or no sense of hearing. If the 4th house is a fiery sign afflicted and aspect by Mars surgery of digestive system or appendicitis is indicated, aspect by Sun hyper acidity and gastric ulcer is a certainty. If 4th house is a watery sign with affliction diabetes and diet restrictions are likely.

If the 5th house is an airy sign with affliction and Moon hemmed between malefic or Moon as lord of 8th exalted at positioned in afflicted 5th house mental illness, lunacy etc. are to be expected. Aspect of Mars with the above conditions indicate tumor in the brain, needing surgery or head injury is indicated. As afflicted 6th house cause all kinds of health problems. Moon in affiliate sixth house makes a wild tempered person or a lunatic. Venus gives sexual disorders, disfunction of sex glands and sterility. Mercury gives loss of memory, dull head and idiocy. Rahu gives tuberculosis, Ketu gives deformity of limbs and fistula.

Afflicted 7th house gives nervous and psychological problems, sexual disorders, venereal diseases etc.

Afflicted lord of 8th conjoined with the lord of 12th cuts short the life. Conjunction of lord 1st, 8th and 6th gives premature death. Saturn positioned in the 12th house, with the lord of 8th in the 2nd house (aspect by Saturn) premature death is indicated.

Lord of 2nd and 6th conjoined with Saturn and occupy an evil house (3, 6, 8, 12) death due to asphyxia or drowning is likely. Mercury afflicted in 8th house gives heart attack or brain disease. An afflicted 9th house aspect by Sun gives fracture of knee joint or knee cap. Moon positioned in afflicted 9th house, aspect by Mars, gives brain surgery or heart surgery. Saturn gives Kidney trouble and Rahu gives tuberculosis.

An afflicted 11th house occupied by a benefic, the native will be deaf. Venus is an afflicted 11th house gives defective left ear, aspect by Saturn gives nonfunctional testicles or ovaries. Aspect of Mars gives surgical removal of reproductive organs. Mercury in afflicted 11th house makes a stupid or a spastic child.

An afflicted 12th house occupied by Venus makes the person sterile. Aspect of Saturn makes the person an eunuch. If Moon is positioned in afflicted 12tn house serious eye defect or even blindness can happen. Aspect of Mars on Moon leads to loss of eye sight in the left eye due to injury.

Prevention is better than cure. Advance spiritual remedies will prevent the occurrence of diseases. After the evil affects have already taken roots, then the spiritual remedies will reduce the suffering. Fear not for Karma as inevitable. Karma can be remedied by Karma. As Karma is not a fatalistic path, there are ways and means to mend Karma with Shanti Karmas. Take courage, be optimistic and consult those who can give proper guidance for spiritual remedies to ward off the malefic effects of planets, ordained by destiny due to Karma. 

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